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What insurance do I need as a self-employed person?

Self-employed people often ask the question, “What insurance do you need as a self employed person?” Whether you are an independent project manager or a freelance carpenter, discover that self-employed insurance policies are important. You can reduce the risks that you face as an entrepreneur by knowing what they are. You can limit it. You can insure the remaining risks. You have many things to think about when you’re just starting as a freelancer.

We have compiled a list of self-employed insurance policies that are the most popular among entrepreneurs. It is a good idea to make sure you are adequately insured for the work that you do. For advice on the different types of self-employed insurance policies, you can contact FreshZPP’s partner network.

Health insurance self-employed person

The compulsory insurance for self-employed is currently health insurance. Health insurance is compulsory for everyone living in the Netherlands. Even if you are an independent entrepreneur. While paid employment pays the employer’s taxes, entrepreneurs pay an income-related contribution. This contribution is based on your taxable income, the Health Insurance Act premium. Did you and your employer collectively have healthcare coverage? Then you can let this health insurance continues, but without the benefit of the collective. This one expires of course. You can also make use of other collective self-employed insurance policies for healthcare.

Liability Insurance self-employed

A liability insurance policy (AVB), is essential. There are two types of liability you can deal with as a self-employed individual. The professional and business liability insurance zzp. Contrary to popular belief, private third-party liability insurance does not reimburse for damage that you cause to others from your company. A business liability insurance zzp is therefore necessary.

Self-employed person Business liability insurance

A business liability policy zzp (AVB), covers damage you cause others while doing your work. Think, for example, of a customer who stumbles over your paint supplies and is in plaster for months. You might deliver the washing machine and accidentally bump into a wall-hunging painting. You will be responsible financially for any injury or damage that results from this accident if you do not have business liability insurance.

Professional liability insurance self-employed person

Professional liability insurance for the self-employed is not mandatory. However, clients are increasingly requiring self-employed workers to have professional liability insurance. In addition, a trade association may also require you to take out this insurance. Incorrect advice can cause financial damage to professional groups like accountants, architects, and consultants. Think, for example, of a parking garage that collapses due to a calculation error by the architect. An accountant who makes a mistake and the tax return is incorrect. Professional liability insurance is highly recommended in such cases.

CAR insurance self-employed for the construction sector

If you carry out construction work, a CAR insurance self-employed person (Construction AllRisk) is the right choice. You are covered for any consequential damage to the work you have done. Structural work is all work that you perform on the construction of a building. This includes installing load-bearing walls and roofs, as well as supporting and supporting beams. For example, if you build a load-bearing wall incorrectly and part of the building collapses, the costs are a lot higher than just installing a new load-bearing wall. All damage resulting from this error is called consequential damage. You insure this consequential damage during construction work with a CAR insurance zzp. Clients require that you have CAR insurance zzp if you are a self-employed contractor. What is the difference between CAR and AVB insurance? An AVB covers general liability and damage to client’s equipment. You need CAR insurance for consequential damage to the construction project itself and your own materials. Before you begin a construction assignment, ensure that you have the appropriate self-employed insurance.

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