Ask MetaFilter. It is simply I have the sensation it’s way activity for one to get proactive about all

Ask MetaFilter. It is simply I have the sensation it’s way activity for one to get proactive about all

Sorry for the rant. Wet is simply We have the sensation it’s way time that is past you to receive proactive about all

(Upon preview – i am with clorox with this!) posted by jbenben at 2:11 PM on December 3, 2010 [2 favorites]

This could very well be associated with a Nigerian Romance scam, as people perpetuating those frequently use taken pictures to create pages on dating web sites so that you can attract in possible victims. If that’s so, it is not as likely that it is a person that is single your image than that the image has somehow become element of an accumulation commonly used pictures.

This is more difficult to end generally speaking, but may be better to remain in each instance, them know you think your image is being used fraudulently as you can simply contact the site hosting the profile and let. It really is inside their needs to obtain scammy profiles off their web web sites. published by dizziest at 2:50 PM on December 3, 2010 [1 favorite]

In the event that information is generic in addition to true title isn’t unique to you personally, We doubt this might be somebody impersonating you as some kind of cmpaign of intent. I am going to guess your pictures ranking highly on Bing for the generic but search that is related «cute musician dudes» or something like that, and they are being lifted by people attempting to produce tester, change ego or cheating pages on internet dating sites.

In the event that given info is generic, all that you really worry about is the fact that your picture be eliminated. The absolute step that is first need to take may be the earlier mentioned DMCA takedown request. We files a lot of these while having 99.8% batting average with this particular strategy. They are doing precisely what these are generally made to do. published by DarlingBri at 3:06 PM on December 3, 2010 [1 favorite]

Finally, at this time i’m perhaps not certain that it’s a choice to completely eliminate ALL photos when I utilize the web site to offer music and though we havent released such a thing in 2 years.. individuals nevertheless purchase songs every so often.

Use the images down. Set up adorable photos of puppies or something like that alternatively, and explain in a nice, jokey method in which somebody or someone(s) happens to be making use of your photo and information as (everything you wish is) a prank, and that means you wish they will nevertheless purchase your documents.

This has the advantage that is added of up in A bing search a long time before anybody’s dating profile that features your title onto it.

Fix the issue for the present time, then handle finding away that is doing it. My guess is the fact that it is multiple individual who’s making use of «random precious man»‘s picture for online dating sites (lots of people i am aware including me personally experienced their photos copied onto online dating sites by other individuals), but it to stop happening you have to be proactive if you want. posted by Sidhedevil at 3:42 PM on December 3, 2010

We agree. this appears individual, you understand?

I did some bikini modeling type stuff when I was in college. Around then, an acquaintance contacted me on MySpace (c’mon, it had been 2004) and said she’d seen my pictures on some networking that is social I would never ever even heard about. However it was not simply a profile. My impersonator had a more elaborate, community-supported online relationship with a man. These were even «married» (virtually), and she was likely to travel down to fulfill him into the the following month — in order to become a «new mom» to his young boy. Exactly exactly exactly What topped off the unfortunate creepy weirdness had been all of the photoshopped pictures of ME plus this guy. Like, a dozen of those. Your website’s administrator took along the profile when we emailed him/her. Needless to say we examined straight straight right back afterwards, plus it was unsettling to see commentary through the man, and their friends that are online all bashing your website for coming between him and Emily.

But I amn’t Emily. And absolutely nothing about Emily has any such thing to complete beside me — the genuine me. Which is the reason why this entire persona-stalking that is years-long’ve described rings a lot more alarm bells. published by changeling at 4:55 PM on 3, 2010 december

Would the behavior of these individuals affect me personally somehow? I will be now a personal person that works into the extremely conservative monetary globe and may be performing a work search. I will be worried that this might impact me if your ongoing business does a history search on me personally.

I would become more concerned about this NOT that is happening by. The one who has been doing this understands you (or at the very least knows of you). If they are somebody at your firm, or they’ve some type or types of grudge, they are able to point out to your employer (or your employer’s employer) that the world-wide-web reveals that you are hiding the reality that you are homosexual and promiscuous.

You would not read about it. You could not realize about it. That types of talk isn’t «on the record» and never duplicated. Yet it may possibly be the final end of promotions for your needs at your company. Your job halted.

This situation may have occurred. Just How could you understand?

Go on it really. posted by -harlequin- at 5:13 PM on December 3, 2010

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